Process evaluation of the Home Reno rebate program

EXPERTISE : /Evaluation
SECTOR : , Résidentiel


Union Gas


project description

Union Gas launched the Home Reno Rebate (HRR) program in 2012 to help homeowners understand opportunities for home gas energy savings and encourage them to install multiple deep, long-lasting energy efficiency (EE) measures such as insulation, high efficiency windows, tankless water heaters, furnaces and boilers.

The program offers incentives toward an initial energy assessment of participating homes and additional incentives if participants implement at least two measures recommended in the pre-retrofit report generated as part of the energy assessment.  Under HRR, Union Gas works with partner service organizations that employ certified energy advisors who perform the initial energy assessments.  Once the EE measures are installed, a post-installation energy assessment is conducted by the energy advisors to determine the energy savings achieved by the retrofits.


Union Gas has assigned Econoler to conduct a process evaluation of HRR. The evaluation covers the following key research areas:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of program administration and delivery approach;
  • Completeness and relevance of program theory and logic model;
  • Program tracking, monitoring and reporting;
  • Quality control and assurance;
  • Effectiveness of program design and offer, including eligibility requirements;
  • Program awareness and communications;
  • Participant satisfaction with program and implemented upgrades;
  • Difficulties or barriers in program delivery and participation;
  • Interactions with Union Gas and service organizations;
  • Partner satisfaction;
  • Opportunities and recommendations for program improvement.

A key focus area of this evaluation is the robustness of Union Gas data tracking and monitoring processes and program quality assurance.

Econoler will provide a set of findings and recommendations to Union Gas, identifying opportunities to improve the efficacy of HRR program offering and implementation efforts. The evaluation will also serve to determine if data entry and quality assurance processes are sufficiently robust, as well as whether efficiencies can be gained or enhancements be made. Based on experience with DSM programs, Econoler will prioritize the recommendations through comparative cost versus impact/benefit analyses.

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