Improving Buildings’ Energy Efficiency in Ghana

Over the past few years, Ghana has experienced strong economic growth and reached the middle-income country status, thus giving its business sector a big boost. High-rise office buildings, hospitals, hotels and super markets are mushrooming. Consequently, an increased use of air-conditioning, lighting, special-purpose refrigerators and office equipment is driving up power demand and consumption.

At the request of Ghana’s Energy Commission, the African Climate Technology and Finance Center and Network (ACTFCN), a division of the African Development Bank (AfDB), hired Econoler (in partnership with the GFA Consulting Group) to undertake an assignment aimed at helping improve energy efficiency (EE) in Ghana’s commercial and public buildings.


Inefficient use of electricity by Ghana’s commercial buildings and facilities continues to exacerbate the country’s electricity waste and increasing energy demand.

The AfDB is following the recommendations made by Econoler and is on the right track to accomplishing its goal of sustainably reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing EE standards and regulations for Ghana’s public and commercial buildings.


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