Econoler’s Senior EE Expert Developing Guidelines for EPC in Vietnam

Jalel Workshop Vietnam

Jalel Chabchoub, one of Econoler’s senior EE experts, was appointed as International Individual Consultant by Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to promote the energy performance contracting (EPC) approach for EE investments in Vietnam.

Jalel was commissioned to develop an EPC template and guidelines for application in Vietnam. He was recently in Hanoi to run a consultation workshop on the EPC template and guidelines for energy service companies (ESCOs), energy efficiency service providers (EESPs) and other relevant stakeholders. The purpose of the workshop is to ensure their alignment with the specificities of the Vietnamese market and gather feedback about the proposed EPC process development and implementation. At the end of this assignment, Jalel will conduct a complete two-day capacity building program on the concrete EPC application in at least three cities in Vietnam.

Over the past decade, Vietnam’s economy has transitioned from an agricultural economy to one characterized by an increasing access to modern energy and booming commercial and industrial activities. The EPC application, still new in Vietnam, has great potential for increasing EE investments, helping mitigate the environmental impact of energy-consuming activities and reducing GHG emissions.

Econoler has been very active in Vietnam for the past eight years.

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