Econoler is participating in the Equal by 30 roundtable

Joëlle Matte, gender and energy expert, is representing Econoler at the Equal by 30 roundtable organized by Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa on July 26. The workshop gathers many public and private actors and will allow these partners to exchange ideas, questions, and reflections on the participation of women in the clean energy sector. The roundtable will cover the following themes: pay equity; women’s leadership; and potential concrete solutions to eliminate disparities between the genders in the clean energy sector. Econoler is proud to contribute to establishing a more equitable and inclusive sector. By participating in the Equal by 30 initiative, Econoler is committed to:

By participating in the “Equal by 30” initiative, Econoler highlights the following commitments:

  • Use the existing internal gender parity to integrate gender equality into project development and management by ensuring, to the greatest extent as possible, that international and local project teams include women in key positions.
  • Build the Econoler staff’s gender-equality skills and competencies to enable them to develop and implement gender-sensitive and gender-responsive projects.
  • Wherever possible, include a gender-equality component in the project approach, even if not required by the client, to ensure that energy projects are gender-sensitive and gender-responsive.
  • Generate knowledge and scientific information about the link between energy and female empowerment. For example, as part of a project that Econoler is currently carrying out together with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), we will be publishing scientific articles examining the link between energy access and female empowerment in Benin, Senegal and Togo, by working with local universities.
  • Promote the “Equal by 30” initiative in our internal and external communication materials and efforts.

Equal by 30 website:

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