Econoler Carries Out a Training Workshop on EE Investment in Ecuador


Stéphanie Nour, our senior energy-efficiency (EE) specialist and business director for Latin America, hosted a training workshop in Ecuador on EE investment attended by financial institution representatives. This workshop was jointly organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Ecuador’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy. As the last stage of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Project undertaken in Ecuador, this event was held to achieve two major objectives: (1) to share practical knowledge and knowhow with Ecuadorian managers in charge of assessing credit applications related to EE projects in the industrial sector; and (2) to train them to use the tools that will enable them to better assess this type of project. Held in Quito and Guyaquil, the training event was attended by a total of 40 participants.

EE measures intended for the industrial sector and developing countries are among the most cost-effective measures for curbing the negative impacts exerted by economic growth on the environment. For this reason, Econoler has always been eager to lend a helping hand to such initiatives as this UNIDO training event.

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