Econoler Assists the Governement of Armenia in Developing the 2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP)

The Government of Armenia (GoA) has given priority to implementing economically viable energy efficiency (EE) initiatives as a main strategy to increase its power supply reliability and achieve energy security. Over the last few years, GoA has taken major steps in creating an institutional structure required for fostering EE improvement. In 2006, it established the Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2 Fund); in 2010, it adopted the 1st NEEAP. Econoler and its partner, Alliance to Save Energy, have been commissioned by the R2E2 Fund to develop Armenia’s 2nd NEEAP, which is a key document for setting the energy savings targets and for determining the measures to achieve primary-energy savings in major sectors targeted, including: public buildings and services; residential buildings; industry; agriculture; power generation and supply; and transport. To fulfill this assignment, the Econoler team will be closely collaborating with GoA’s working group comprised of representatives from the R2E2 Fund, its Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MOENR) and other relevant stakeholders.

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