Market and Evaluation Analyst – Energy Efficiency


About Econoler

Econoler is an internationally renowned Quebec consulting firm specialized in the design, implementation, evaluation, and financing of energy efficiency projects and programs. With 4,000 projects carried out in more than 140 countries, Econoler has been a leader in energy efficiency and the fight against climate change for 37 years. Being part of Econoler means being a member of a dynamic and passionate team that applies the varied expertise of its 80 employees and partners throughout the world toward a common goal: fostering energy efficiency as the main means of developing economies and combatting climate change.

Summary of Responsibilities

 Our team works in close collaboration with governments and energy suppliers to optimize program design, implementation and management in the energy sector. We work diligently to collect and analyze information, draw conclusions and advise our clients on how to optimize the performance of their programs and reach energy targets.

As Market and Evaluation Analyst at Econoler, you will play a pivotal role in collecting data, analyzing program market impacts and clearly communicating results. You will participate in the different project phases, from defining needs to submitting deliverables, and work as a team on large-scale assignments. You will contribute to planning, evaluating and improving energy efficiency programs in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.



  • Analyze programs related to energy efficiency technologies, behaviour changes among end users and energy market transformations;
  • Conduct reviews of best practices and market trends for energy sector programs;
  • Understand existing market dynamics by researching information through surveys, interviews, existing statistics, studies, online data, etc.;
  • Supervise the work of external research firms;
  • Prepare quality written deliverables presenting concrete results, conclusions and recommendations for evaluated programs;
  • Monitor and coordinate all project phases: designing research plans; elaborating data-collection tools; monitoring data-collection activities; verifying and analyzing data; writing and preparing deliverables.


Position Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree and two to five years of relevant experience in energy efficiency, engineering, the environment, marketing, economics or other related disciplines;
  • A Master’s Degree would be a considerable asset;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English (the majority of mandates are in English);
  • Good knowledge of Excel;
  • Excellent analytical capacities;
  • Constant attention to detail;
  • A great deal of autonomy while enjoying team work.

*The position can be based out of our Montreal or Quebec City offices.

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