Energy Efficiency Policies, Regulations and Programs

This webinar covers the three main delivery mechanisms that can be incorporated into a national policy to deliver energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Performance Contracting Energy Efficiency Companies (ESCO)

This webinar presents Energy Services Companies (ESCOs). First, it introduces the Energy Performance Certificates concept and EPC contractual approaches. Then, it presents the need for measurement and verifications (M&V). It also presents different ESCOs models: the utility-based ESCOs ; the Governement-based ESCO ; the private sector ESCO. It concludes with the examples of institutional development schemes.

Structuring Utility Demand-Side Management Porjects

This webinar focuses on the basic elements that need to be considered while designing and implementing demand-side management projects.

Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling

This webinar presents standards and labels for white appliances and air conditionners which have achieved tremendous energy savings in some developing countries.
How to define standards – how to test them - how to implement them - how to enforce them.

Sector-based Energy Efficiency

This presentation will focus on the main initiatives that can be introduced in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sectors to reduce energy intensity and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency - Institutional and Financial Framework

This webinar introduces the institutional framework needed to implement energy efficiency (energy agency, utility Demand Side Management, other). It deals with the way to fund energy efficiency programmes via tax and social levies or carbon finance. This session gives an overview of white certificates schemes and introduces different support energy efficiency schemes (grants, tax incentives, soft loan,other).