Support for the development of an energy efficiency practice

EXPERTISE : , Energy Performance Contracting
SECTOR : , Commercial


Solar Cells Hellas Group

projeCt Description

The Solar Cells Hellas Group (SCHG), a well established Greek renewable energy firm, decided to develop an energy efficiency activity within their own practice. They hoped to start up an ESCO operation for the Greek market.



Econoler was mandated by SCHG to offer the support needed in order to start up this type of energy efficiency operation in Greece.

As the first step of a more complete support activity, Econoler directed a three-day meeting at the SCHG office in Athens, pursuing the following objectives:

  • Present the different concepts that could be used to develop a new business operation.
  • Identify the main elements to take into consideration in the development plan.
  • Evaluate the actual assets required of SCHG to launch such a new activity, including:
    • human resources;
    • technical capacity in energy efficiency and other related technologies, which must be included in the business model;
    •  financial model to be used;
    • Other relevant elements.

Discuss adapting the business plan to the current energy efficiency market in Greece, including:

  • rate and tariff structure for electricity, natural gas and other fuels;
  • level of awareness;
  • legal framework on EE (energy efficiency agencies, programs, etc.);
  • legal and other aspects related to ESCOs;
  • Main actors and competition.

With Econoler’s help, a strategy was elaborated, outlining the future steps to be taken by SCHG in order to develop their energy efficiency activities. These steps include, among others:

A market survey, to identify business potential and most profitable products and services to be offered, over both short and medium terms:

  • business Plan for short and mid terms;
  • technical and organizational support for the launch of the operation, including training and tools to cover marketing and selling, audits, performance contracts, monitoring and verification, financing, etc.

At the end of this process, SCHG decided to go ahead with its new energy efficiency activity.



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