Quantifying GHG Emission Reduction in Béton Provincial Projects

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Innovation Maritime


Econoler supported Innovation Maritime technically in making calculations for the quantification of the GHG emission reduction from Béton Provincial’s project. In order to achieve this, Econoler used the specifications and guidelines set out in ISO 14064-2:2006 – Part 2: Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements.

More specifically, the assignment consisted in the following duties:

  • Get acquainted with the project of electrifying Béton Provincial’s unloading system and with the technical features of the current unloading system and those of the system expected to replace it;
  • Develop the method used to quantify the GHG reduction;
  • Collect the necessary data from Innovation Maritime for quantification purposes;
  • Quantify the GHG emission reduction;
  • Document baseline data, calculation assumptions and results in a quantification report in line with the requirements of the ISO 14064 Standard, which includes the following :
    • project description;
    • selection and rationale for baseline scenario;
    • sources, wells and reservoirs included in the quantification calculations;
    • calculation of the GHG emission reduction.

Econoler estimated that modernizing and electrifying Béton Provincial’s unloading system would reduce GHG emissions by 1,105 teq CO2 per year compared to the baseline condition.

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