Development and implementation of an M&V plan

EXPERTISE : , Project Implementation /Measurement and Verification (M&V) of performance



projeCt Description

Stimergy developed a domestic hot water (DHW) pre-heating system that used heat from computer servers. This system involved the installation of digital boilers in the customer’s heating system and the recycling of the heat released, thereby saving up to 50% of the DHW-related energy bill. All the heat supplied was measured using an energy meter.

To demonstrate the pre-heating system’s performance, Stimergy wanted to validate the energy savings declared for this project by following the IPMVP.


Econoler’s experts prepared an M&V model plan according to the IPMVP for a typical installation of DHW pre-heating system that used computer server heat. As instructed by Stimergy, only thermal energy supply was evaluated. Two approaches were developed according to the position of the meter measuring the energy transmitted to the DHW system.

Once the system had been installed and started to work, Econoler prepared a savings report based on the plan accepted and the data obtained by the thermal-energy meter.

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