Moose Factory

Building Operator Certification (BOC) in the Remote Community Of Moose Factory

EXPERTISE : , Capacity Building Services
SECTOR : , Public


Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care


PROJECT Description

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care contacted the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) for delivering the Building Operator Certification (BOC) course in the remote community of Moose Factory.



The delivered BOC course only included the first three modules, namely:

  • BOC-1001: Energy-efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems (2 days)
  • BOC-1002: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance (1 day)
  • BOC-1003: Efficient Lighting Fundamentals (1 day)

The course was delivered in Moose Factory, Ontario on February 21-24, 2017, by the trainer J.J. Knott.


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