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Adoption of an energy management system

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City of Bromont

projeCt Description

A study carried out for the City of Bromont in 2014 recommended that a series of actions be quickly implemented to reduce energy use and businesses’ GHG emissions in the City of Bromont. This study recommended that the first step of Action 1, “Energy Efficiency in Institutional Buildings”, should be to implement an energy management system by the end of 2014.

Some studies have shown that the implementation of an energy management system reduces energy consumption in buildings by 5% to 15% over a period of 3 to 5 years. For the City of Bromont, this could yield $15,000 to $45,000 in annual energy savings with no major investment required.


The City of Bromont hired Econoler to assist the City in implementing the first step recommended in the study, which involved implementing an energy management system. Such a system is basically focused on monitoring the energy consumption of the City’s building stock, since managing energy consumption is only possible through monitoring. This system will help determine whether some buildings use more energy than they used to, identify the sources of excess consumption and take the necessary corrective actions. Monitoring will also confirm whether the energy-efficiency measures implemented generate the projected energy savings.

Since the City of Bromont had no tool for monitoring  its building stock’s energy consumption, Econoler carried out the following tasks as part of this assignment:

  • Selecting the appropriate tool for monitoring energy consumption;
  • Assisting the City in integrating the tool for monitoring energy consumption;
  • Training the municipal staff.

Econoler first identified the City’s needs and constraints, and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the following three tools for monitoring buildings’ energy performance:

  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • RETScreen PLUS
  • Customized Excel spreadsheet

Econoler’s analysis results indicated that the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager would be the tool most suitable to meet the City’s needs. In fact, this online tool allows for year-round monitoring of the building stock’s energy consumption with minimal data-entry efforts required. It also compares the City’s energy consumption with the average consumption of similar buildings in a climate zone similar to that of the City of Bromont.

Econoler therefore integrated energy data from 11 of the City’s 39 buildings into the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. These 11 buildings accounted for nearly 70% of the total energy consumption of the City’s building stock. The access code, password and all the other information needed to use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager was handed over to the City.

Finally, Econoler presented the assignment’s results to the City’s major directors, explaining to them the useful purposes served by the monitoring tool.


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